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UNAC-Quinte and Model UN


The Quinte Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada is a leader in extending the scope of Model UN conferences. Through its initiatives it has made possible the benefits of a global education experience for our local secondary and elementary students. Our youth have now joined tens of thousands of learners from Europe, Asia, Afria and all over the world who participate in Model UN conferences each year.


UNAC-Quinte branch founder, Dr. Aruna Alexander, first shared the concept with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board. This has resulted in annual Model UN conferences for secondary students in Quinte and District. In addition, the Branch holds the distinction of organizing the first Canadian 4 day Elementary Model UN which brought together Susanna Moodie Public and Quinte Mohawk Schools. The Harry J Clarke Public school and Albert College collaboration is an outcome of UNAC-Quinte’s continuing leadership in global education from a Canadian Perspective.


Further, Belleville is now known as the first city to hold a “Community Model UN”. An innovation of the Branch, this event was held at Loyalist College where the topic under scrutiny was “Fresh Water- Local and Global”A Model UN Conference simulates the actual United Nations. Participants debate current world issues. Each participant takes on the role of a United Nations ambassador from a different country and debates various international topics as a representative of that country to the UN.The skills developed in the Model UN conference include public speaking, writing, researching and negotiating. In addition, learning about the arts of diplomacy, consensus building and conflict resolution and fostering tolerance promote integration of personal and professional growth. Model UN conferences benefit all involved.

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